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by RagingDouche at 10:57 PM
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I've gone cray cray with the discounts and the contests. Byteflux please no hurt me.
by Byteflux at 5:11 PM
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It's that time. Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know today is Factions reset day.

It's unusual for me to post this so late, but due to the amount of work involved in this reset, I had to focus on getting as much done as possible so I chose to delay making this post.

You keep all:
  • Ranks
  • mcMMO levels
  • Credits
  • Tokens
Stuff that gets reset:
  • Factions
  • Cash
  • Enderchests
  • Inventories
  • PlayerVaults
  • Homes
  • Powerboosts
If you have purchased a rank, you will be given your rank money in addition to the $2000 starting cash the first time you join on the reset.

For the past few hours RagingDouche and I have been working to finalize the reset changes on our development server. Although we weren't able to add everything we wanted to in time, we're still very excited about this reset.

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