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by Byteflux at 11:56 AM
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Flight mode has been added to Factions and is available to Hero rank and above. This means you can fly within claims you have flight permission in, usually your own claims or your allied claims. Flight permission can be managed with /f perm flight.

You will be automatically taken out of flight when a neutral or enemy comes within 32 blocks (X and Z only, Y doesn't count) of your location or if you cross into a chunk that you don't have permission to fly in. When you're taken out of flight, you won't take any fall damage upon landing on ground.

There is also a /f stealth feature that is available to everyone which allows you to avoid taking players out of flight when you're near them. When you don't want your enemy to know you're nearby, make sure to enable stealth.

Over the next few days we plan to roll out a number of new features. Currently on my immediate todo list are rank vouchers as crate rewards and a...
by RagingDouche at 7:31 PM
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Sit back and enjoy the bullshit. ;)
by Byteflux at 4:02 AM
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Welcome to the first season of Minelink Factions!

As you may have already heard from @RagingDouche, starting this map we'll be using the season terminology to promote a more competitive spirit during the lifespan of the map. This isn't just for sounding cool, we actually plan on rewarding the top factions at the end of each season. Currently we are only looking at /f top, but in the future we hope to create a scoring system that better records a faction's competitive performance throughout the season. If you're in the top 5, you're definitely going to win something :) (alt factions don't count, sorry)

As with all of our previous maps, this reset means that your inventories, enderchests, vaults, homes etc have been deleted. Of course you keep your mcMMO, credits and tokens as usual.

Unlike our previous resets, you keep your old faction as long as you were a leader or coleader in the previous map. Even though you keep your faction, all your relationships and...
by RagingDouche at 10:31 PM
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Due to our network issues we have to unfortunately push back the launch of Minelink Factions Season 1. Details in the video, please don't hurt me. :( On the plus side, no more network issues, YAY!