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For those of you unaware, Factions has always had a built-in permission system that allows privileged users to modify who can do what within a faction. Those of you saavy enough might have seen this before as /f perm.

Until recently, this command was disabled due to its ability to allow factions to modify container permissions, effectively allowing factions to lock their chests to outsiders. For obvious reasons this was unacceptable and we had to disable the command.

The /f perm command offers a lot of useful features that are fair and balanced and for that reason we've decided to bring it back for everyone to use. Instead of disabling the whole command, we took some extra steps to make sure that container access (and a few other permissions) can't be modified.


Some command examples:

  • /f perm YourFactionName build ally...
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We are proud to announce the introduction of Twitch and YouTube ranks for our loyal players who support us by promoting Minelink through their Twitch streams and YouTube channels. Streamers and recorders do so much to promote the server and bring new players, we hope this shows our appreciation for all their hard work.

Depending on whether you stream or record, there are two different groups of ranks you can choose from. There's the Twitch group for streamers and the YouTube group for recorders. You can not have both ranks so pick one and try to stick with it! Twitch and YouTube are currently the only two platforms we support. Both groups have two tiers with the following requirements and perks:

Tier 1

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Welcome to the new Minelink Factions

Sorry to keep you all waiting! We're proud to announce the third iteration of Minelink Factions. RagingDouche and I pulled countless hours to make this happen and I've yet to go to bed myself in order to make sure things are working smoothly ;)

We had some minor bugs that cropped up during reset launch, but thanks to our crafty and loyal players, we were able to fix them within minutes!

Some of you might be curious to know what's new. Below I will briefly go over as much as I can:
  • PVP arenas have been walled with solid block types. No more glass walls. This should reduce FPS lag with arenas that were previously very laggy.
  • A one-time +10 Power Boost can be purchased at /warp tokenshop for 30 tokens. This can be purchased once only. A second time will only take your tokens, so don't...
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We will be performing a Factions Reset on Friday, the 31st of October. It's been about 4 months since our last reset and already the map has been pretty exhausted and due to some other map generation issues we've had to further limit accessible areas in the map. All things considered, we feel it's a good time to do a reset.

You keep all:
  • Ranks
  • mcMMO levels
  • Credits
  • Tokens
Stuff that gets reset:
  • Factions
  • Cash
  • Enderchests
  • Inventories
  • Homes
If you have a premium or higher rank, the cash you received with that rank will be automatically given to you the first time you join after the reset.

If you purchased...
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Hello Minelink Maniacs (still not sure what to call you, suggestions pls). West of spawn in Factions is kind of mehhh, we have a bridge, a tree and a ravine but I think there's room from improvement.

You have Oneish week to create some new terrain and structures. We're not going after pretty here, PVP is the name of the game so keep that in mind.

The winner(s) get to see their stuffs pasted in spawn, a hug http://i.imgur.com/gw9tIUv.gif and some other cool shit.

Almost forgot to mention that your builds need to be on the creative server.