Minelink Network

by Byteflux at 9:37 AM
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It is our pleasure to officially announce that Hybrid Cannon has been renamed to Minelink Network. We have been planning this for a couple months now with the reasoning that in order to expand and grow our community we felt that it was necessary to break away from our old name which was tying us down to Factions.

Before I go into the awesome details, I want to clarify something about our decision to go hub. We love Factions. I hope the addition of the Cannon server further proves my undying love for Factions if there ever was any doubt. It will always be my baby and will always get the best of my attention. I got into Minecraft server modding purely out of an interest to improve upon Factions and that passion hasn't changed.

We aren't calling ourselves a network for nothin'. In addition to changing our name, we also added a Creative server for you to unleash your creativity. Take advantage of the spacious 128x128 plots to...
by Byteflux at 7:03 PM
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After countless sleepless nights of coding, polishing and testing, we're proud to announce the opening of a new creative server designed for testing TNT cannons and base defenses.

To join the server, connect as you do normally to play.hybridcannon.com and then type /server cannon to be forwarded to the Cannon server.

The Cannon server uses the same mechanics as the Factions server. If you build something on the Cannon server, you will be able to build the same thing on the Factions server and it will work exactly like it did in testing.

Land in the Cannon server is divided into plots. Each plot is 80x80 (or 5x5 chunks) which should be sufficient for any cannon or base defense. It is important to understand that cannons can be tested across plots that you own or have access to. If you must test long range cannons, then you...
by RagingDouche at 1:30 PM
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It is our great pleasure to announce that ItsTibberz and The_Code9 have been promoted to Helper +. You'll have to wait for Byte to get on, not sure if it's '/setrank The_Code9 Helper+' or '/ban The_Code9 quit trash talking my f*cking shop; fight me IRL; I'll use cactus as a weapon; that's right run; run little girl; run;'.

Also of note is the promotion of M4Hun73r to Helper. He joined Hybrid Cannon a few days ago. He's new to factions so please take it easy on him. I kid, welcome back :)

On a sad note we had to scrap our lotion potion plugin due to abuse. I won't name names but Code9 had a dubchest full of lotion under a Byteflux shrine (not sure what for).

Stay tuned next month for ItsTibberz and Code9 demotions.


by Byteflux at 8:50 AM
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September has been a rough month as far as updates go, but it's been a very surprising month for votes. We saw an increase in votes compared to last month. We're very happy to see the number of people committed each month to the success of the server. Your votes make all the difference and we appreciate each and every one.

We've decided that due to the unusually high number of votes this month, especially from the top voters, we will be giving out the same Buycraft coupon rewards as last month to everyone in the top 10.


A $40 Buycraft coupon will go to @Liam Fagan for being the top voter for the month. Coming in second, @Arden2 will receive a $25 coupon. The remaining 8 people will receive a $10 coupon.

I just want to leave a quick shoutout to @Arden2. Even though you've stopped playing for the most part, every month you've consistently managed to leave your name in...
by Byteflux at 2:08 AM
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It's been a while since I've posted about any kind of update. I've spent a good part of last month and all of this month refactoring many of our server's plugins for a variety of reasons and I'm happy to say that work has been concluded. Not much should have changed from your perspective, however, I am fully expecting some unusual bugs to crop up since a lot of stuff was recoded from scratch.

This update introduces better support for 1.8 clients as well as some fixes to some minor annoying bugs that have existed for a while.

Faction Colored Names (Now Supports 1.8!)

We've managed to get this this nifty feature working with 1.8 clients and as a bonus you will also be able to see the colors in your tab player list. Press TAB to see which enemies, allies or faction members are online! This feature is compatible with both 1.7 and 1.8...