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by Byteflux at 8:46 AM
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It has come to our attention that a combat related glitch has been occurring that often does high amounts of damage or kills a well geared player in one hit at full health. We've identified the issue as being caused by AoE damage taken from the Serrated Strikes ability. This issue has been occurring frequently in the WarZone and is unintentionally triggered by players who activate Serrated Strikes and attack within AoE range of other players.

While debugging this issue, we also noticed that Skull Splitter AoE was working unreliably, often doing no damage at all. As a side effect to the Serrated Strikes fix, we also ended up fixing Skull Splitter damage too. Axe users should now enjoy reliable AoE damage using Skull Splitter from this bug fix. I honestly have no idea how long this has been broken, but it's all fixed now!

Also, on a completely on unrelated subject, we've recently rolled out a patch that slows down water flowing over lava to prevent excessive CPU usage during the...
by Byteflux at 3:07 AM
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July has come to an end and I am happy to say that it's been another great month with the server seeing an excellent number of votes and we're hopeful to continue along this path. Your votes make all the difference and we appreciate each and every one.


This month's top 2 voters are ghost5i8 and The_Code9. Your Buycraft coupons have been sent to you via in-game mail. Thanks again for voting!
by RagingDouche at 3:48 PM
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After hours of scattering through chat logs, forum posts and going over each and every application, we would like to welcome The_Code9, Sweet_Ness1234 and UnholySubjugater to the staff family.

We had some really great apps this time around. Some of you weren't chosen due to lack of playtime (or we'd like to see some follow through) others exhibited just too much douchebaggery in chat.
Remember we are always on the lookout for staff and big brother is watching you, careful of what you say and who you say it to (IRL pro tip).

Current list of helpers that make Hybrid Cannon's chat bearable:
In Alphabetical order with light roast included
  • Garbageman__ (server lifespan of faction m8s is in the negative)
  • Iamnotarrows (probably the worlds worst hacker)
  • ItsTibberz (not sure if human or horse)...
by RagingDouche at 2:06 PM
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RagingDouche announcement board hijack. Staff apps are now open:

Follow the appropriate format and post your application in that thread.

Good luck!
by Byteflux at 3:50 AM
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Checking in with some more good news about broken shit getting fixed. This time around, I've decided to address the east/west cannoning bug that has plagued Minecraft for an eternity.

When firing a cannon from these directions in medium to long range, TNT tends to drift eastward. By the time it impacts, it is no longer inline with the sand.

The bug is caused by a small amount of motion when TNT is primed. The bug has been fixed. Now, firing your cannon from east/west should no longer be any different than firing from north/south.

Happy raiding.