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by Byteflux at 3:02 PM
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One of the most awesome perks available to all donor ranks is the /back command. It teleports you to your last location, or more specifically, your last location known to the Essentials plugin.

Because of Essentials being unaware of people being teleported by other plugins such as Factions or mcMMO, /back would not take you back to your previous location if you teleported with /f home, /f warp or /ptp.

As of now this annoying little inconsistency has been corrected and /back will work as expected whether your last teleport location was an Essentials, Factions or McMMO related teleport.
by Byteflux at 4:47 AM
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Hey everyone!

It's been a while since we've written about new features and I think it's about time we introduce all the cool new changes people have been seeing over the past couple days.

While rewriting a bunch of our inhouse code in anticipation of 1.8 name changes, we've gone ahead and also added a whole lot of new features that we think most dedicated Factions players will enjoy and benefit from.

Faction warps:


Faction warps allow officers to set warp points within the faction's own claimed land. Faction members can then teleport to these warp points, allowing for quick travel between claims and more compartmentalized base designs.

To set a faction warp: /f setwarp <name> <password>
Example: /f setwarp vault
With password: /f setwarp vault supersecret

To delete a...
by Byteflux at 1:44 AM
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It has been brought to our attention today that by exploiting a bug in the Factions plugin it is possible using a custom client to send fake player movements across the world while auto map is enabled, allowing a large number of claim information to be downloaded in a short amount of time.

We've identified the problematic area and have since patched it in our own version of Factions. Thanks to those players who brought it to our attention.
by Byteflux at 3:30 PM
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Recently there's been a lot of complaints regarding ender pearls and their use both in and out of WarZone. Having observed many of these scenarios we tend to agree that pearls still need some further nerfing.

From now on the use of ender pearls is disabled while under the effects of Bleed. Escaping from a fight will depend more on your ability to know when to run. If you can run and survive the bleed duration you can hopefully pearl to safety, but it is our intention to make it difficult to escape from a fight once you've committed yourself.

Continuing on the previous sentiment, we've also nerfed bows such that self inflicted bow damage will also inflict upon you a Blindness that lasts 10 seconds. This will effectively restrict the use of bows as a means of travel.

We hope these changes add more balance to your PVP experience.
by Byteflux at 11:22 AM
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Just checking in with a small update to our Factions plugin.

We've added the player's power next to their name in the faction info, also the faction role and title have been highlighted gray and dark gray to draw more attention and also blend in less with the player's name.