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1.4.3 | Last Season Winners
Here are the winners of the last season on Factions Diamond, Emerald and Gold


1. eZKiddos with 141,207 points led by UsingAura
2. EDP445 with 109,314 points led by OhChunkers
3. HoboEmpire with 73,170 points led by RacistTimmy


1. quikdab with $1,940,327,820 led by Exhort
2. eZKiddos with $1,913,437,660 led by OldSchoolKid
3. NWA with $620,983,730 led by Gloatinq


1. eZKiddos with $19,839,250,000 led by OldSchoolKid
2. Empire with $4,919,000,000 led by...
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Factions + OPFactions Reset
The reset will be on Saturday the 7th of April at 4PM EST
We will be resetting both the Factions and OPFactions servers.
Click here for countdown - countdown link


  • Cannoning mechanics are now the same beteween ALL faction servers and the cannon server
    • Left shooting still works on cannon server
    • The wall remover patch is disabled on the cannon...
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Upcoming Factions + OPFactions Reset
On Saturday the 7th of April at 4PM EST, we will be resetting the Factions and OPFactions servers.
Click here for countdown - countdown link
A full changelog will be listed soon with all the details of the reset.

OPPrison Reset
We've also pushed for a long overdue OPPRISON to give players a fresh start to...
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Due to recent events, we are forced to have to reset OPSkyblock entirely due to there being no functioning backup. All purchases made in the online store will be given back once the server is reset within the next few days. This includes 1 time purchases players have made for this map such as spawner packs and money pouches that typically aren't returned during a map reset. If some store items aren't returned once the map resets, please post a purchase issue ticket on the forums for the purchases to be looked into. This is completely unavoidable and we apologize for the inconvenience.
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I will be holding a survival PvP event on March 3rd at 11am to 4pm eastern standard time. There will be 4 different types of PvPing that will be held during this event.

For all the different types: everyone goes to the arena spectating area and get ready to fight. After 5 minutes of getting ready for the fight, the only commands available will be /msg and /r.

  1. Hardcore Item Collector: Every person will be given an item to hold and then everyone will be dropped into the arena. After a given amount of time, the one who has the most items left wins the event. The arena has been designed to be a hide-and-seek type of arena with many caves to hide in. Once you die in the arena you cannot rejoin, as this is the hardcore mode of this event. If this event goes well, it might be changed to allow everyone to enter it.
  2. Skull: They will be dropped into the arena as will an item that will be spawned in, which will be the...