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by Byteflux at 4:53 PM
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June is finally over and it was a great month for Hybrid Cannon. We saw a good amount of growth and support from players this month and we couldn't be happier. I can only hope that months to follow will be as awesome!

The guys who really make it happen are the voters. You guys rock. This month's winners for #1 and #2 Buycraft coupons are PhilipRuleZ (150 votes) and Arden2 (140 votes):


@PhilipRuleZ, @Arden2: Your Buycraft coupons have been sent to you via /mail. Check them with /mail read!

Thanks everyone for voting and making Hybrid Cannon more popular.
by Byteflux at 1:35 PM
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Hey everyone!

Over the weekend we made some changes and I'd like to share with you now what those changes are:
  • New players are protected from all PVP for 30 minutes when they first join
  • New mob arenas added and old mob arenas refreshed with new bosses
  • Legacy faction commands /f show, /f who, /f pow and /f power have been aliased to /f f and /f p
  • Pet wolves will aggro if owner shoots a target with a bow
  • Pet wolves will incur a Combat Tag for both owner and victim in PVP
I hope this short list of changes enhances your experience.
by Byteflux at 4:11 PM
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Hey all!

Just checking in with some information regarding the reset, nothing important at this point but I wanted to follow up now that it's been a couple days and people have had a chance to let the new stuff sink in over the weekend.

The technical launch behind the reset was painless and we couldn't have hoped for better. The server had gone down for about half an hour to an hour and was back up with all the cool new stuff that you see now.

Sadly, post-launch we encountered many issues that had been exploited by players, such as a glitch in Diamond/Gold ore generation in some of the biomes among other things. We've since corrected all these issues and most of the damage control has been done.

RagingDouche and I are amazed at how positive the feedback was for the reset and how it continues to be positively accepted by most players. We're very happy with the reset and even more happy that you guys are enjoying yourselves. It's an awesome feeling to create something and have...
by Byteflux at 9:25 AM
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Today I come to everyone with important news regarding a map reset.

We have been silently working on a reset for the past while and now that we are almost finished, we've set the reset date in stone for this Friday 6/20. We will most likely try to perform the reset Thursday night while most people are sleeping and we anticipate up to a couple hours of downtime at worst several hours of downtime due to some last minute technical difficulties.

Stuff that's getting reset:
  • Map will be replaced
  • Factions will be disbanded
  • Balances will be reset (all donors will receive their rank cash)
  • Homes will be deleted
  • Inventories will be deleted
  • Enderchests will be deleted
Stuff that you get to keep:
  • You keep your ranks
  • [COLOR=rgb(128, 255,...
by Byteflux at 5:10 PM
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There were a lot of good apps and after going through each one with RagingDouche, we have selected our new helpers.

Welcome M4nHun73r and iamnotarrows to the staff family. They're both friendly, helpful, active and long time members of the community and I'm confident they have much to contribute.

As the server continues to grow we will be seeking new helpers so keep an eye out for when helper applications are opened again.

Thanks to all those who applied!