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by Byteflux at 12:09 AM
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We've opened Helper applications for people interested in becoming a part of the staff. We recognize that owners and admins are not always available and so we're seeking a couple people to help moderate chat.

If this is something that interests you, go check out the Staff Applications thread.
by Byteflux at 3:21 AM
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Greetings all!

Over the past few days we've been busy working on a website to replace our current one. We were running a combination of both WordPress and Vanilla Forums to power our community however the divide between those two platforms is too great that we felt it wasn't seamless and intuitive enough. We've migrated to a whole new website in hopes of creating such an experience.

All user accounts should still work. Unfortunately, we were unable to copy over any of the discussions from our old forums. It sucks but I think we'll manage.

We're always hard at work to bring the best to our community. We hope that the new website will facilitate more community building and help us connect with each other more. Stay tuned for an announcement on Helper applications!