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Spleef Event
Skyblock will be hosting a spleef event on Saturday, October 6 at 2pm EST!

How will it work?
Spleef is a classic event where players are on a platform and need to mine the blocks under one another to make them fall off. This particular event will have an arena with three layers of snow, the last man standing wins. There will be three rounds in total so if you lose the first time you still have another chance at a prize! After the three rounds have finished we will hold a round for the three winners that will determine who the top spleef player is. This round will only have one layer of snow so make sure to knock your opponents off quickly.

How do I attend?
In order to attend...
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Hey everyone!

Staff applications are now open! There have been a few adjustments made to the application process which can be found below. Staff applications will remain open until October 14th at 12AM EST. If there are any questions about staff applications feel free to post them below. Good luck to all those applying!

Apply here!


  • Removed the ability to delete your own staff application
  • Added question
    • "Are you a part of the Minelink Discord? If so, what is your username and ID?"
  • Changed question
    • ...
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Upcoming Factions Reset + Warfare Revamp
Factions, Warfare and OPFactions will be resetting next Saturday, the 29th of September at 4PM EST (Click here for countdown - countdown link)

General Changes
  • Rule Changes
    • Insiding Rule re-added
    • Rule disqualifying boosted factions from winning /f top prizes added
  • Buy messages from /printer mode disabled
  • Special items now automatically despawn after 5 minutes
  • Fixed carpet & fence gate sand...
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Survival, SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock have been reset! Check out the new changes and updates!

SkyBlock/OPSkyblock Changelog


  • New SkyBlock/OPSkyBlock spawn and builds
  • New Flat Earth starter island template for those that want to get straight into building
    • Use /is
    • [​IMG]
    • More islands will be added soon
  • Animal farm warp added - /warp farm
  • Spleef removed...
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Survival/OPSurvival Merge + SkyBlock/OPSkyBlock Reset

We will be merging and resetting Survival and OPSurvival on Friday the 21st of September

SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock will also be resetting on the same day.

The full changelog will be published on the day of the reset.
All OPSurvival ranks will be merged with Survival ranks.

Top Island Rewards
The winners of the current season are:


  • 1st Place Island - $250 Buycraft voucher - @Zynox_ (Level 200000)
  • 2nd Place Island - $150 Buycraft voucher - @BouncyBooty (Level 100000)
  • 3rd Place Island - $100 Buycraft voucher - @Twizle (Level 81366)...