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TnT Wars Event
Factions is back with another event! Join us on Saturday, September 1 at 2pm EST!

How will it work?
TnT Wars is a tournament style gamemode where you compete against other players to blast them off their platform and to their deaths. Each player will have their own side to set up a cannon with materials provided. Once you've cannoned past the wall separating you and your opponent you need to shoot the ground under them in order to make them fall off. Once you fall off the platform you lose.

Everyone is invited to attend this event. You don't need to know how to build a fancy cannon to win, anyone can google how to build a one...
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Upcoming Factions + OPFactions Reset
Factions, Warfare and OPFactions will be resetting next Friday, the 17th of August at 4PM EST (Click here for countdown - countdown link)

World Information
World sizes:
  • Overworld - 20,000 x 20,000 (radius 10,000)
    • Vanilla world
  • Badlands - 8,000 x 8,000 (radius 4,000)
    • Sandstone...
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Kill the Admin Event
Factions Diamond will be hosting its first event for this map on Saturday, July 21st at 2pm EST! (http://itsalmo.st/#minelinkkta)

How will it work?
This event will be starring your favorite admins and allowing you the chance to take them down in return for some exclusive rewards. Players will enter an arena and be given armor and weapons to kill the admins and each other. If you land the finishing blow on an admin you'll win, however, the admins will be buffed and extremely hard to kill so it won't be that easy. You will only have one life so use it wisely. Teaming is NOT allowed and will be monitored closely by staff. Similar to LMS, names will be disabled but the admins will have colored wool on their head so they'll stand out....
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Hey everyone!

Staff applications are now open! There have been a few adjustments made to the application process which can be found below. Staff applications will remain open until July 30th at 12AM EST. If there are any questions about staff applications feel free to post them below. Good luck to all those applying!

Apply here!


  • Renamed the Application Requirements to Application Guideline
  • Added guideline
    • "Troll applications will not be tolerated and will result in the denial of your application, removal of your ability to become staff in...
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We will be hosting a Staff Q&A on July 20th at 7PM - 9PM EST! This is inspired by the Q&A that RagingDouche used to do but we will do them live in Discord instead. As of now singaporemath, OldSchoolKid, UsingAura, Twizle, Steamgunner, Sav_, and myself will be there answering questions. More staff may join throughout that time to also answer questions.

How will it work?
In a channel that will be made on the 20th, everyone except staff will be muted automatically and we will choose randomly choose questions out of the chat similar to Twitch chat to answer. The question can be towards a specific staff member(s) or all of them. Feel free to ask any question you want as long as it follow the guidelines below.