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by Byteflux at 3:42 PM
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Just dropping in with a quick announcement regarding the use of TNT over the next few days.

Christmas is creeping up on us very fast and we recognize that for many, this is a time spent with family. Many of you aren't going to be online to check buffers and make sure you aren't being raided.

In that spirit, TNT explosions will be disabled from Dec 23 @ 12 AM EST to Dec 26 @ 12 AM EST.

@RagingDouche has an exciting announcement coming very soon, so stay tuned!
by Byteflux at 11:29 PM
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Today I'd like to introduce a new automated event that has been added to factions. It's what I've been working on recently and I'm very proud to finally be able to reveal it to you!

For a while now, I've wanted to add boss fights, but I lacked the experience in this department, so only after much learning and experimentation am I able to present to you:

The Wither King


Every 2 hours, if there are 30 online players, a special Wither boss will spawn at a static location in WarZone, north of spawn. The exact coordinates are: X=620 Y=38 Z=-690. The boss spawn area is designed to prevent escape. If you jump in, you are committed.

The Wither King is not your normal wither. You will find that he is an extremely capable adversary. He does much more damage than your normal wither and has an incredible amount of damage reduction and...
by RagingDouche at 6:32 AM
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1vs1 Tournament is over. There were some glorious battles, some tears, some laughs & Byteflux streaking wild through the arena.

Winner: ToXicZx_
Runner Up: Swinking101
3rd place: Plextay
4th: 1tango
5th: RagingDouche

Brackets: http://challonge.com/u2tdrt8x

It lasted a total of 4 hours. Not bad considering my previous tournament is still running.

The winners need to contact me via PM to claim their prize.

We will be running another tournament soon. Stay tuned!

by RagingDouche at 5:46 PM
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I will be hosting a PVP tournament on Saturday the 10th of December on the faction server.
The event starts at 3pm Eastern on Saturday December 10th and will end a few hours later (learning from mistakes of the past).

Post your in-game name below to participate. Any other posts will be deleted.

If you're not there at 3 you run the risk of being disqualified and beaten with a stick.

1st: $100 store credit + 500 Faction Points
2nd: $75 store credit + 350 Faction Points
3rd-5th: $25 store credit + 100 Faction Points

All kits & refreshments will be provided.

Posting this through shitty hospital wifi through a vpn because Minelink is blocked LMAO. (No, I don't have butt cancer and yes, Byteflux gave me the aids)