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by Byteflux at 2:33 PM
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Here it is, the announcement that many of you have been waiting for!

As most of us already know, season 2 was pretty rough, and not in a good way. We're thankful to all the people who stuck around until the end, whether you actively played for /f top or if you voted, or both!

The top 3 factions of last season are:
  1. thebest $160,530,000
  2. theworst $112,665,000
  3. coons $48,830,000
The top 3 factions are eligible to receive $400, $200 and $100 in Buycraft credit.

As a reminder, there is an active 50% sale going on, which means if you do choose to redeem the reward during the sale, you will only receive 50% of its value. Alternatively you can redeem it after the sale for its full value.

If you are the leader of one of these factions, please send me a forum convo with how you would like to redeem your reward!

Thanks to everyone who played season...
by Byteflux at 6:35 PM
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It was only a few hours late, but who's counting? We're really sorry it took longer than promised, we ran into some last minute issues that needed to be taken care of before we could push the new season live.

Many of you who joined as soon as the server opened didn't receive your starting cash as you normally have in previous maps, this was due to a bug in one of our plugins that slipped through our testing. We're sorry about that and we have separately credited the appropriate amounts to those who missed out.

There are still some glaring issues that need to be dealt with, but the critical stuff is now mostly stable and we will be moving down the list of things that need to be fixed. If you find something broken or have a question, feel free to start a forum convo with @RagingDouche and myself.

As a reminder, there is a week long TNT grace period in effect to allow time for factions to build a base and get settled in. Countdown:...
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As promised, the big announcement is here. Season 2 has more than run its course and it's time to prepare for the next season. (sorry, @Arden2)

Season 2 Recap

Before I get into any of that, I want to take a bit of time to run through some of the major events in season 2 which led to the map becoming stagnant pretty early on.

Basically a combination of duping, creeper eggs and crate keys ruined the map early on and led to many complicit factions being punished. One of our staff members went rogue and decided to exploit a dupe which could only be exploited with a staff account and everything eventually spiraled out of control.

Factions ended up duping wealth, crate keys and creeper eggs. Creeper eggs were a major source of the map's stagnation due to how easily accessible they were as a result of the duping. Duped crate keys were used to obtain even more wealth and creeper eggs, as well as...
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Hello Minelink!

I'm sorry it's been so long since you've heard any official announcements. I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving day (or if you aren't American, at least still having a great day).

I have an exciting announcement upcoming soon, but for now I'd like to take this time to announce the top voters for the last 4 months. We appreciate everyone who votes and especially appreciate those who continued to vote despite Season 2 being effectively a dead map now.









As a thanks to all those who voted during these months, we will be rewarding every one of the top 10 voters for each...
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It's been a while since the last update log. As of today's daily restart, a number of bug fixes and updates have been rolled out which should address a lot of problems.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed water-protected Obsidian to be dry shot if the explosion occurred outside of water.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dry chests from being destroyed by creepers.
  • Added Beacons, Dragon Eggs and Hoppers to the list of blocks that can be dry shot. The following is a complete list of blocks that can be dry shot:
    • Beacons
    • Dragon Eggs
    • Hoppers
    • Mob Spawners
    • Chests (can only be dry shot with TNT)
  • Disabled randomized damage reduction. This is a vanilla Minecraft feature that randomizes the amount of damage you take based on your armor's combined protection. Disabling this feature means that instead of receiving a random protection bonus every time you get hit, you will always...