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  1. xXGuess0WhoXx
  2. mushykins
  3. mushykins
  4. mushykins
  5. Fxzr
    Fxzr UnHolySubjugater
    merry easter,

    congrats on builder you glowworm.
  6. NeedNova
    NeedNova AsianDude1
    I clicked "create an application here" it says you dont have permission
  7. Raha
    Hey! I'm a just normal player, I hope to see you all in game. Let's all have fun and play together!
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    2. Ender_Foxy
      You can't because This IDIOT named edmonster07 muted me for targeting someone but the entire server was targeting ME but I was the only one who was muted, so he is abusing his power because that was a personal attack. I tried reporting him for that but then he kicked me for "False Reporting" even though it wasn't false reporting. Stop this little kid.
      Jan 12, 2019
  8. Fxzr
    Discord - Alex#2233
  9. Hypercided
  10. Fxzr
  11. markyboi
    markyboi Raha
    i got temp ip banned for 2 months for simply stating a servers name a bit harsh innit can u help me'?
    1. Raha
      Jan 11, 2019
  12. SwSll
    SwSll Aigar
    W H E N IS R E S E T?
  13. Tanner20002
    Tanner20002 AsianDude1
    why aren't you admin yet?
  14. littleking1
    SIngle, Kind, Funny, helpful
  15. Fxzr
    Fxzr AsianDude1
    new admin?
  16. AbzyaPvP
    Sorry I haven’t been active, been busy with my family. I’ll be on in a couple days
  17. Starlight_
    Starlight_ DrewFos
    gay is the way
  18. Starlight_
    Starlight_ evilninja2012
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    2. evilninja2012
      yes yes i agree
      Dec 27, 2018
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  19. evilninja2012
    evilninja2012 Starlight_
    what a dummy
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    2. Starlight_
      what a *cool kid
      Dec 27, 2018
  20. AbzyaPvP
    Merry christmas to the Minelink Community!!!