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  1. otman_hammam
    otman_hammam Lyssa120
    hey lysaa lowkey made an ban appeal can you check it real quick thanks :p
    1. Lyssa120
      I don't handle ban appeals
      Sep 14, 2019 at 11:44 AM
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    2. otman_hammam
      thanks for ur time :)
      Sep 14, 2019 at 12:11 PM
  2. otman_hammam
    otman_hammam Jon
    ay jon lowkey i made a ban appeal would u check it out thanks :p
  3. Doomsday2218
    Doomsday2218 Wazez
    Why is opfacs been down
  4. Skrilla
  5. Thestar21
    Thestar21 Twizle
    It really shouldn't be like that!

    Best Regards
    1. Twizle
      If you say n word or racist we already know what it’s going to be, you also said it in chat which is why you were muted. The rule that says you can’t say the n word is racism.
      Sep 12, 2019 at 3:00 PM
  6. Thestar21
    Thestar21 Twizle
    Twizle, Theres nothing standing in the Rules you can't say directly what the others said! To report it.
    There was no Rule about you can't report and say what they had been saying and using the (Word) with ( ) to be more specifik, about what the Word was! Instead off just saying N WORD, then it could be any words starting with N. I was just doing it more specifik so the Mods knows what word it was.
  7. Thestar21
    Thestar21 Doxyx
    Why did you Mute me for Racism??? I wasen't Racist at all!!
    I was just saying that he said the N word Multiple times!
  8. Kroggy69
    Kroggy69 Twizle
    can you talk with them about maybe unbanning me or finding the problem.

    its really sad that i finnaly get home tommrow and cant play on my favorite server, which i even donated to
    kind regards kroggy69
    sorry for spam...
  9. Kroggy69
    Kroggy69 Twizle
    would you mind speaking with your staff members about this problem? im getting home tommrow and cant live without this server for 2 weeks, and tommrow i can finnaly play without problems, or atleast i could but not anymore,
  10. Kroggy69
    Kroggy69 Twizle
    HI Twizle now the problem is back, i got banned for major exploid, am i not able to play on my school pc or what? i get home in 2 days and can play on my normal pc again, but now im not able to since i got a 2 weeks ban?
    i tried deleting some softwares on the school pc but still getting banned 2 secs after i log in
  11. UsingAura
    UsingAura Jon
    u r gay too
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  12. UsingAura
    UsingAura Lyssa120
    ur gay
    1. Lyssa120
      no u r
      Sep 12, 2019 at 4:44 PM
  13. Watikita
    Watikita CullanP
    hi when i log on the server and play op factions it says o/120 players and wont connect me i have restarted my launcher multiple times and still not working whats going on ?
  14. Kroggy69
    Kroggy69 DrewFos
    hi man would you mind answear to my ban appel.
    kind regards kroggy69
  15. Kroggy69
    Kroggy69 Wazez
    Hi would you mind reading my ban appeal, kind regards kroggy69
  16. Kroggy69
    Kroggy69 AsianDude1
    Hi Asian. would you mind reading my ban appeal. Kind Regards Kroggy69 (donator)
  17. Gusttox
    In military service.
  18. skoop123skoop(real)
  19. LiberatorPrime14
    Hey guys I’m new, how do I get rid of the noob under my name?
    1. Twizle
      Post more.
      Sep 8, 2019
  20. Natybot
    Hey guys