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Feb 14, 2018 at 9:26 PM
    1. tiffany_cute
      how r u
      i want to ask about valentine kit...... when will it gone ?
      1. AnnoyingNopes
        it'll be gone on march the 1st, i think
        Feb 16, 2018 at 11:13 AM
    2. WoodFloor
      Would you mind checking out my OPSkyblock Gold drill issue thread? Thanks love you dad.
    3. Juan
      How can I apply for staff
    4. Juan
      Can u please make iron and cactus higher priced so that we as a community can advance and not get stuck like I am.
    5. tiffany_cute
      what the difference between the monthly crates and the separate crates?
    6. Jonathan Yntema
      Jonathan Yntema
      Hey there, I tried working up the chain of command, but it seems my problem won't be resolved without your help.

      I posted on the "purchase issues" section of the forum about my issue, but I don't think any of the staff care too much. I paid for the January 2018 crate and the Evil Tags pack and I've been waiting for a few hours in-game, but haven't received them.

      More details in my post.
      Thanks in advance.
    7. seb_rules
      How do you become a helper?
      1. MadGramps
        Applications reopen February 17th, once they do, you will find a section of forums called "Staff Applications". You will have to copy paste the format provided into a new thread. Good luck!
        Feb 3, 2018
        Juan likes this.
    8. Zraaneth
      Hey Aigar. It seems to me that the gens coding is not active. I have my generator maxed out, the owner of the Island is online and on the island but nothing changes. from the description of the gens status it says that I should not see any cobble, stone to be rare and the increase of ores should be way higher, but nothing has changed.
    9. tiffany_cute
      i need help please
    10. AlexTheOG
      Aigar help pls
    11. ProGio767
      I see that everyone asks you a lot about the server, so I thought I would ask you how you are doing
    12. XxLukespike2xX
      unban me for somone being salty and thinking im scamming which i was not just a pickaxe for 12k somone had a beacon for 100k and thats not scamming?
      unban me
    13. ZombieSlayer4001
      Make spawners mineable. PLEASE.
    14. GirlyGamer
      Cant join the server it says i am using a VPN but im not
    15. BootyGang
      I want to buy a rank on kitpvp but you guys dont accept my VISA gift card since it cannot be used internationally. I there a way I can pay and you guys manually give me the rank?
    16. Rosethepuppet
      Hey, so Im trying to get a Kit for Factions Diamond/Cannon and It wont let me use the payment I need/want to use. is there a way to make there a way to make a purchase with a Visa gift card? thanks.
    17. Khaledx2003
      Hey Aigar I see you closed my thread, Just saying when you said /fly doesn't come with Champ I know that, I said I bought the Exotic/Champ Rank alone and /fly Alone that's what I meant, thanks. Also I have the Exotic Rank on Factions Emerald Not On op factions or Diamond factions, I don't have it on any other gamemode except for these two, Skyblock - Factions Emerald.
    18. severailevil
    19. severailevil
      i have a very important question can you get back to me please , thank you.
      1. Televise
        If you had an important question then make a thread about it or post it.
        Jan 18, 2018
    20. Bailey Evitt
      Bailey Evitt
      why is emerald down?
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