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Jan 17, 2019 at 8:25 PM
    1. Bailey Evitt
      Bailey Evitt
      My faction named Paradox has been insided. We were worth $800mil and now it is all gone due to one player. The staff will not reply to any of my faction members.
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    2. jon gardner
      jon gardner
      so on factions2 my 800 million $ faction got insided and your staff keep ignoring me. im thinking about quitting cus this is getting stupid.
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      2. jon gardner
        jon gardner
        i would love to talk to someone that actually knows whats their doing thanks
        Jan 13, 2018
    3. killcam123456789
      can you look at my purchase issue thread?
    4. Tdeag
      Yesterday I was playing OP Survival when I put 2 pickaxes into an anvil. As I placed my good one with 4 efficiency 3 unbreaking 3 fortune 3 drill, I got disconnected from the server. I immediately joined back to see that not only were the pickaxes not in my inventory, they werent in the anvil nor on the ground. Is there any way you can help me get my pickaxe back? The 1 cost me quite a bit. Thank you Tdeag
    5. Televise
      Happy late birthday!! sorry I missed it on the 8th ;c
    6. Pixy_Dust
      Can you look at my appeal, if you can I appreciate it

    7. lordofwarkings
      Hey bud, can you take a look at my appeal? Thanks.
    8. LilBruhh - Elite7896
      LilBruhh - Elite7896
      DUDE there are 3 Hackers on OPPVP right now COME on PLEASE
      There Ruining the fun and everyone is getting annoyed
    9. Mac1423
      Lad why do you always like my posts I mean thanks but they aren't even my funny ones like!??!!? Ok thanks love you x
    10. Itz_Wolvez
      pls help i bought member+ with my tokens but it dosent work!! pls help thank you <3
    11. XrayPlease
      hey quick question, I was playing op kitpvp and I was playing along and killing people and then I get this ban without me hacking and I have no idea why, I guess I cant click fast or that's hacking, I really don't know why
      thx -XrayPlease
    12. Birdie04
      can you help me with something?
      my friend griiefed my island and left.
      i have screenshots if it is needed.
    13. jerzey
      need help cant get on server i have minecraft on pc
    14. SlyHaze
      Hey, i have a question, how do you prevent spam bots from joining your server? as well as ddos attacks
    15. GirlyGamer
      hey i need some tecnical help connecting to the server please help im new on this webbsite and i dont know what to do :( please note that i have been playing on the server for quite some time and got maybe 50+ hours put into it and i would like to get back but like i said i have problems connecting and i says i should get help on the webbsite
      1. Oli
        what ip are you using? try
        Jan 5, 2018
    16. AlexTheOG
      your staff is trash
      1. Televise
        Someone is salty <3
        Jan 10, 2018
    17. AlexTheOG
      lmao i just got banned for 2 hours for doing nothing
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    18. Zombie
      can you add me on discord. i cant buy the rank "pro" from the store
    19. JackBeadling
      I got banned for no reason unban me please it was my brother! :)
      1. Oli
        all bans are ipbans, nothing can be done about that i’m afraid
        Jan 5, 2018
    20. ryanrazer
      hey, i got scamme dby Hydro_icebox for 100bil on opprison. he scammed me by hiding a chest on his plot so you couldnt see the sign on the chest and he said click it and i did and he wont return my money. i want him banned or my money replaced
      1. Oli
        scamming’s allowed on prisons if you weren’t made aware
        Jan 5, 2018
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    Jan 8, 1996 (Age: 23)