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Nov 29, 2018
Jun 1, 2016
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There are no brakes on the rules train May 13, 2017

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Nov 29, 2018
    1. Syxez
      Scub i need your help can u come to my plot in OpPrison?
      1. porshe856
        Your be better of asking a online staff member then a offline one
        Jul 16, 2018
    2. Dj_Skeletron
      help skyblock and op skyblock are offline online glitched and I think its ddos I don't know what a ddos is but pls help
    3. DanielleIsStupido
      Hi I got banned for supposedly hacking on OPPvP!!! I don't hack nor do I have any hacks on. Like I want the proof of me "hacking" and I also WANT to speak with the person who banned me. My username is DanielleIsKarma. Please unban me I did nothing wrong.
    4. Polywong
      can you fix cauldrons on diamond and remove ezkiddos points look at f wealth and hover over them
    5. milanuno
      hello scub i am milanuno and i had on skyblock ice 100 k and i keeped my minecraft on and go afk for like 10 hours when i were asleep when i came back i had only 10 money accept for 100 k i dont know what happend but can i get my money back? tank you for your time te read milanuno
    6. ColorfulStain
    7. CoolPikachuTRO
      i got banned from anti cheat
    8. CoolPikachuTRO
      my discord is CoolPikachuTRO#0535
    9. CoolPikachuTRO
      scub i got banned 16 hours ago an idk what was the reason on skyblock i just jitter click while placing block
      i never went into pvp plz help me or unban me

    10. Defiant7
      my birthday is wrong on my profile, how can i change it?
    11. DragonshireX
      Do you know when Op factions will be released?
    12. Scottydoo36
      hey uhh I bought a rank titan for factions dream and Ive been waiting for like a week for it so I'm kinda sad LOL pls halp
    13. Fatal_HD
      His name is comaminecraft and he has killed me multiple time. I cant hit him because he blocks hits, crits and uses his kill aura. . this hacker was on: Nov 12, 2017, 1:41 pm EST and he has killed multiple people. For proof, i have eyewitnesses: Daliawo. Ther are more but they quit. please sort this issue out thank you -Fatal_HD Also have a screen shot that no staffs are on
    14. Kyujin
      Can I get my 250K money back, or get the pickaxe from him? He also made fun of me, saying that "I can make 250K in two-minutes, you peasant."
    15. Kyujin
      But then, when I required him to give me the pickaxe, he started to decline, saying that the admin said that scamming is not against the rules. I have chat screenshots about him. He also said that he is going to move all of his items before he gets banned from the server.
    16. Kyujin
      Hello, Scub. I am SimplyPoolPoshy, in OPFactions. Today, the user named "loganbruyo" scammed me and he also admitted that. I wanted a new good pickaxe, and he contacted me. He said that he can sell a good pickaxe for 250K, so I paid him first.
    17. Scub
      There are no brakes on the rules train
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