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    2.12.11 | 12 Days of Christmas - KeyAll

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas on Minelink! Join the KeyAll event on December 21st at 4 pm EST on the server of your choosing!

    How will this work?
    Everyone online at 4 pm EST will be a key. You will not get a key if it's on a server where keys don't exist. As long as you are online at 4 pm EST, you will receive a key. If you miss the drop, you're out of luck.

    How do I attend?
    Log onto the server of your choosing and don't log off until you receive a key. If it's 4:05 pm EST and you didn't get a key, then you missed the drop.

    What are the Prizes?
    Everyone - Mythical key

    These prizes will be given on your server of choice, excluding any creative based servers. The only exception being those online on a server that a Mythical key doesn't exist. Those people will be given a Rare key instead.
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