2.12.14 | 12 DoC - Free Christmas Tag

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    2.12.14 | 12 Days of Christmas - Free Christmas Tag

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to Day 12 of the 12 Days of Christmas on Minelink! Today is the final day of these holiday events. Join the Free Christmas Tag event on December 24th at 4 pm EST on the server of your choosing!

    How will this work?
    Everyone online at 4 pm EST will get a Christmas Tag. You will not get a tag if it's on a server where tags don't exist. As long as you are online at 4 pm EST, you will receive a tag. If you miss the drop, you're out of luck.

    How do I attend?
    Log onto the server of your choosing and don't log off until you receive a tag. If it's 4:05 pm EST and you didn't get a tag, then you missed the drop.

    What are the Prizes?
    Everyone - Christmas Tag

    These prizes will be given on your server of choice, excluding any creative based servers.
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