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    What is your suggestion?: Add more types of boosters in the forms of mcmmo boosters and exp boosters (Small 10-30 min boosters) (Add them to crates and certain kits/seasonal kits)

    How would the suggestion make the server better?: instead of kits being filled with stupid filler items like sand. melons. pumpkins etc. they can actually have useful items in them like "1x random booster" The cooldown in these kits are so high that is not really p2w.

    Also adding these to things like these will help make crates worthwhile more. currently everyone knows crates are beyond useless and do not give good items rarely ever, even paid ones from the store.
    Plugin link, if applicable:

    At first they may sound a bit stupid or OP or something of those sorts but they are on mineheroes and after playing mineheroes for a while now u come to find they can actually be useful and not gamebreaking provided they are balanced correctly.
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