Catching up with Old Time Friends

Discussion in 'General' started by ClassyEndie, Aug 19, 2021.

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    Hello everyone,
    As many of you know MineLink is probably never going back up. This is saddening to many of us. Some of us see it as bitter-sweet. I understand both of these, but I would like to catch up with everybody I can. If any of you remember these GTs: EnderKing167 or as it is now ClassyEnding. I'm now 20. My name is Cameron, and I still hold memories of this server and community sincerely. I would like anyone I used to play with add me on Discord: ClassyEnding#8908. I wanna see and hear how everyone is doing. A lot of life has happened since MineLink (originally known as HybridCannon) days.

    - Your Friend (Hopefully),
    EnderKing167, ClassyEndie, ClassyEnding, but mainly Cameron :)
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