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    What server(s) is this suggestion for: fac2 emerald
    What is the suggestion: Turn emerald into a old school faction server. Over the years people have made bigger and better cannons with that comes better bases. At the same time plugins and mods have been made to aid in the building of said bases and cannons. It would be a hella neat to see a server that goes back to how it was before so, "old school factions".

    • Lower the build limit to somewhere around y100-y150
    • Enable left shooting
    • Disable reverse cannons
    • Make schematica bannable
    • Make the buffer claim limit 5 rather than 20
    • Limit the amount of sand you can stack to 20-40 (idk what it should be for sure)
    • Remove gen buckets
    • Remove sell wands (make it so everyone has access to /sell hand and /sell all)
    • Disable flight for everyone, everywhere (Not 100% sure on this one)
    • Lower the amount of power each player has (down to 20 or so)
    • Enable regens?
    • Make it so lava flow is slow again
    More changes could be added but, for now these are some of the main ones I was able to come up with.

    Why would the suggestion help make the server better: As of right now we have two faction servers that are a lot alike. I really see no point in having similar faction servers with such a low player count that we see for factions. Plus I don't see any other servers that have "old school factions" like what I just suggested (Probably for a good reason but, hey who knows.
    Plugin link (if it is a new plugin you are suggesting): n/a
    Extra Comments: obviously this wouldn't become a thing (if it does, not sure how many people are even going to like the idea) for another map at least.
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    1. One suggestion per thread.
    2. Not going to happen.
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