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    Minelink Server Rules

    Global Rules:
    All Things Listed Below are Punishable Offenses
    • Use of Hacks, Cheats, Glitches, Exploits, or Illegal Mods
    • Advertising of Unrelated Servers, Channels, or Streams
    • Spam
    • Command Spam
    • Racism
    • Suicide Encouragement/Talk
    • Death Threats
    • Excessive Staff Disrespect
    • Doxing, DDoSing, or Swatting
    • Scamming Ranks, Keys, or Other Store Items
    • Trading Out-of-Game Things
    • English Only / No Special Fonts in Public Chat
    • Punishment Evading
    • Unfair Macros, Scripts or Bots
    • Chargeback
    • Inappropriate Name / Player Skin
    • Personal Targeting
    • Excessive Vulgar Language
    • Sexual Discussion
    • Lag Machines
    • Staff Impersonation
    • Excessive Server Bashing
    • Punishment Discussion
    • Multiple Corners
    • Auto Cannons
    • Inappropriate Factions Name
    • Insiding
    • Wall Removers
    • Checkboxes
    • Leaving Clocks Unattended
    • Plot Griefing
    • Filter Bypass
    • Player Harassment
    • Inappropriate Builds
    • Inappropriate Gang Name
    Survival, Creative, and Skyblock:
    • Griefing / Stealing
    • Filter Bypass
    • Player Harassment
    • Scamming
    • Trapping
    • Inappropriate Builds


    Attempting to get a refund for a purchase made with the server.​

    Use of Hacks, Cheats, Glitches, Exploits, or Illegal Mods
    Using a hacked client, using mods which add hacked client features, or the use of glitches or exploits. Any participation in these will result in the same punishment, even if you were not personally doing it..
    Note: Both autoclicking and butterfly clicking are considered cheating and bannable.​

    Advertising of Unrelated Servers, Channels, or Streams
    Posting the IP of another server or discord, or posting the link an unrelated channel / stream.​

    Sending messages too quickly, or repeating the same message several times. As well as spamming random characters. Begging is not allowed at all.
    Command Spam
    Sending the same command to a player repetitively even after the player says to stop.​

    Any use of racial or ethnic slurs.​

    Suicide Encouragement/Talk
    Any form of chat or behavior that encourages suicidal tendencies in people. Also any chat about IRL suicides.
    Excessive Server Bashing
    Denouncing the server in any way.
    Death Threats
    Any form of threatening someone's life out of game.​

    Excessive Staff Disrespect
    Behaving abusively towards a staff member in their capacity as staff.​

    Doxing, DDoSing, or Swatting
    Either threaten to / do Dox, DDoS, or Swat anyone.​

    Scamming Ranks, Keys, or Other Store Items
    Trading a store item for in-game items and not holding up your end of the deal.​

    Trading Out-of-Game Things
    Trading items and ranks for real money, or outside goods such as skins in another game.​

    English Only / No Special Characters in Public Chat
    Use of languages other than English or special characters in public chat.​

    Punishment Evading
    Any attempt to bypass an active punishment.​

    Unfair Macros, Scripts or Bots
    Use of things like automated sell scripts / bots, mcMMO level bots, and other similar offenses.​

    Inappropriate Name / Player Skin
    Use of a racial, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate name or player skin.
    Inappropriate Gang / Factions Name
    Use of a racial, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate gang/faction name.​

    Player Harassment
    Provoking of another player with intent to be a nuisance to them.​

    Personal Targeting
    Attacking another player for things such as race, gender, religious beliefs, sexuality, or other severe offenses.​

    Punishment Discussion
    The discussion of punishments given/received in any public environment. This also includes player reports and ban appeals.
    Sexual Discussion
    The discussion of anything erotic​

    Lag Machines
    Building a machine or cannon that is either intended or known to cause lag.​

    Staff Impersonation
    Pretending to be a staff member.​

    Creating a trade with another player and not holding up your end of the trade. Cross server scamming isn't allowed.​

    Filter Bypass
    Bypassing the server’s automatic filter intentionally​

    Inappropriate Builds
    Builds that are sexual, racist, or other inappropriate things​

    Traps built to intentionally trap or kill players​

    Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people in video games through the use of destruction or construction.
    Taking something that isn't yours without their permission without intent in returning it. Unclaimed land on Survival/OPSurvival is free game.​

    Leaving Clocks Unattended
    Building a clock and not turning it off after you are done using it​

    Auto Cannons
    Using a cannon that does not require manual input to fire.​

    Wall Removers
    Using cannons designed with the main purpose to do large damage to another factions walls
    The use of redstone checkboxes is not allowed
    These policy guidelines apply directly to all staff. Admins and Owners may choose to exercise more severe punishments at their discretion.
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